Musician Anjalts Reflects on Her New Single “Air to Fire”

Musician Anjalts Reflects on Her New Single “Air to Fire”

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Check out the newest single by Anjalts.

New York, NY United States – Singer/songwriter Anjalts has released her third new single “Air to Fire” for 2020.

The song was a piece of poetry she wrote after seeing the raging wildfires in the Amazon Rainforest, a place very close to home.  Her Indo-Caribbean grandparents raised her in the former British colony of Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America.  Anjalts’ distinct musical background stems from her grandfather, who was a natural multi-instrumentalist in both eastern and western musical scales.  The guitar melody-driven “Air to Fire” confident expression and rich luminescent vocals resonates the song’s powerful poetic words.

Air to Fire’s cinematic style entertains yet brings an awareness that is defiant in most of her musical compositions, lyrics, and arrangements. Anjalts creates her music from scratch, making it very raw and personal.  Altering sounds and deep esthetic vocal layers that is substantially hers.
Working from her home studio like many young artists and creating music in a Covid 19 changed world, her constant work and creativity for “Air to Fire” immersed a reflective genre.  She remembered her family stories about their trips to the Amazon Rainforest and the untamed wilderness there.  She has always known the importance of preserving this fragile ecosystem which is home to so many rare trees, animals and people who are still facing these wildfires due to deforestation.

Anjalts debut album also titled “Air to Fire” is due out in late December 2020.  Watch out for her music and the message it sends out.  Listen to “Air to Fire” HERE.  You can also check out Anjalts Instagram announcement HERE.

American singer/songwriter, Anjalts (pronounced “Angeles) blends an ethereal alternative Pop and cinematic sounds.  A self-taught artist and multi-instrumentalist, Anjalts composes, produces, and plays everything on her tracks for her upcoming EP album titled “Air To Fire.”  Having lived in New York, some of Anjalts’ biggest influences are film & stage composers Joe Hisaishi, Hans Zimmer, A.R. Rahman, James Horner and Andrew Lloyd Webber.  See more info at



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