Need A Pick-Me-Up? Eddie Boxxer Is Here With An Empowering Song – “It’s My Choice”

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Take a look at “It’s My Choice” – For when you need some fire in your veins.

Washington, DC – Nothing rivals the thunder of an inspiring song when someone needs a push. Life is simply a maze of choices, and 2020 Wammie Award finalist Eddie Boxxer breaks it out with a positive punch. “It’s My Choice” is a song that will get your confidence skyrocketing. It is all that must be heard for a redefined craze for life and its challenges.
The excellence of music lies in its ability to affect – and Eddie Boxxer’s “It’s My Choice” is just excellent! Stemming from a whirlpool of life experiences and profound emotion, the song will lift listeners into a new height of empowerment.

Step into the shoes of a reflective, vulnerable person – listen to It’s My Choice and trace a personal path. Check out

The exciting artist was recently seen teaming up with Chris “von pimpenstein” Carter that you must know from the Backstreet Boys fame. This was to create unforgettable tracks. Eddie Boxxer stepped forward with his debut album, “It’s My Choice,” with a message to convey. The message is strong – it is vital and undoubtedly inspiring.

The title track, “It’s My Choice,” has proved to be a beacon of encouragement for people at all stages. With its eternal lyrics and timeless beats, the song touched #1 on the iTunes pop chart in South Africa. It reached #133 on the same in England.

“It’s My Choice” is waiting for people to make the choice today – the choice to be braver, stronger, and motivated. Watch the world through the eyes of a kindred soul, plug in headphones, and float away into a new generation of encouraging music. Eddie Boxxer is the answer!

The song is not a stranger. The inspiring tune can be heard reverberating through popular stores like McDonald’s and Subway all over London. It is hard to miss the innovative pop song with a timeless soul thriving within the melody. Something typical in Eddie’s music is a zeal for freshness with an ode to tradition.

Eddie Boxxer is here to leave radios buzzing with the friendly hit “It’s My Choice.” The title track of his debut album has left listeners dazzling with a sense of self. Visit Eddie Boxxer’s website at for more information.



Eddie Boxxer is an enterprising musical artist. “It’s My Choice” is a passionate hit of a passionate artist. Eddie works with Chris “von pimpenstein” Carter to create timeless anthems rife with encouragement and inspiration. Eddie Boxxer has reveled in music all his life – his songs are a testament to this. Eddie Boxxer was the # 1 ranked Reverbnation Pop Artist in the Washington DC area. Check out Eddie Boxxer and his string of empowering songs on Spotify. You can enjoy the tasteful, modern tunes at Reverb Nation, too – the rush is only a click away.


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