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Tacoma, Washington What makes music so exciting is the experimentation. There are no rules nor boundaries when it comes to creating. Joseph Riley and Don Ahlf echo these exact sentiments with their new album!

On November 19th of 2020, Joseph Paul Riley and Don Ahlf released an album with input from artists such as Rick M. James, Kim Yates, Jackie A. Friendlyvox, Rick Oaks. As a listener, you will find yourself taken on an emotional journey, first drowning in angst and then reveling in the joy of newfound love.

The artists have worked tirelessly to put out an album that reflects them and their own styles of music. It’s a struggle to put together a cohesive album with infinite options and choose what direction to go. Every detail has been religiously worked on, every word, every phrase poured over for clear expression.

The album, “Songs from a Cup of Jo”, is a mix of indie/alternative, rock and a bit of blues. It is a myriad of stories and feelings combined to propel listeners into different moods. The artists have put their life journeys into the album, pushing the boundaries to produce something diversely unique.

The work doesn’t stop there! With an album out, Jo Riley and Don Ahlf are back to work on another set of phenomenal songs. Their own passion for experimentation has them eagerly waiting to see what other musicians can do with their music. They’ve been vocal about encouraging other artists to play around with their songs to create something new in genres that are polar opposite.

The album with songs like “Sundown Cheater” and “Shell Shocked” is available on all music streaming platforms. To check out more music and buy some of it while you’re there, you can check out their website


Jo Riley and Don Ahlf have been writing music for years before they put out this stunning album. After many speed bumps on the way, Jo and Don decided to put all their writing into sound for the world to hear. Having never been shy about experimentation, Jo and Don recorded this collection of songs, passionately going over every detail to share their life experiences.



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