New Album From Sonomi Nabors

New Album From Sonomi Nabors

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Newly Anointed Gospel Album ‘Hold On’ Available Now!

Jurupa Valley, California –  Some are just born to make music. From very young ages, certain individuals are just drawn to the beauty and thrill of music and continue to flourish from then on. Sonomi Nabors is one of these individuals that was just born to make music.

From the tender age of seven, Sonomi has been involved in music in some form or the other. In Church, her mentor was the organist Frank Cole who had previously played for Andre Crouch! With such mentors, it isn’t hard to imagine the kind of talent in this one woman. Holding true to her roots, Sonomi has continued to make music in the Christian, Gospel, and Jazz genres. Her music is meant to be inspirational and motivational in the best way. For example, her latest album, ‘Hold On’ is about staying true to your dreams. It is a bid and plea for the listeners to hold on to what makes them happiest and continue to do it for the rest of their lives.

The artist doesn’t stop at just recording a CD but also performs her music live. Most recently, Sonomi performed in Antigua, playing a beautiful set full of Jazz, Blues, and Soul. It is available to watch on the official Youtube channel and on the DVD of the show, which is available on the official website.
Sonomi Nabors album, Hold On’ was released in September of 2020. Now, it is available on all major streaming platforms. Apart from the usual Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon, Sonomi’s new album and previous music are available on every imaginable streaming and digital platform.

The talented artist continues to create and make music that inspires the fallen to get up at reach for their dreams with both arms. For more information about Sonomi Nabors’ new album, you can visit her official website. Make sure to also follow Sonomi on her musical journey through her social media.





Sonomi Nabors is a Gospel artist. The indie artist has been involved with music from the young age of seven. Her church mentor, Frank Cole, coached her through everything she knows today. Having stayed on the path of music, Sonomi has now released her latest album, ‘Hold On.’

Please enjoy Sonomi Live in Antigua. A great night of Jazz in beautiful St Johns Antigua in the Carribean. Evang Sonomi Nabors rocked it with Jazz , Blues and Soul that night.!!!Check out the live show on YouTube and full DVD of show available at



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