New Album From Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson

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Check Out The New Album ‘Police Come For Kill Me’

Paris, Ile de France, France – February 15, 2021 – Rock music is not for the faint of heart. Despite the reputation that Rock has in the world today, the music that comes out of the genre is enough to have the hardest of heart swaying. With lyrics that will inspire, elate, and bring you to tears, Rock music is the stuff of legends. A new player in the industry is Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson.

Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson has been experimenting with music for about ten years now. As a fan of American music, Steven has been focused on creating music in the rock genre. Emulating greats such as Michael Jackson, Steven has his own twist on the genre. The artist doesn’t focus solely on the genre of rock, rather experimenting with electric guitar, Rap, and Blues Rock. Experimentation is the core of every artist. Being able to circumvent the boundaries of genre and style, the best artists can create music for the sake of making music rather than adhering to the rules of the game.

Every artist has a dream. The dream to create music that is compelling, relatable and enraptures entire audiences. Like many artists, Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson has the dream to become big. He wants to share his music with the world. With nothing but love and music, he hopes to change the world for the better. His new album ‘Police Come for Kill Me’ is one of many pieces of music the artist hopes to release. Purchase the new album or download it on all major streaming platforms. For more about Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson and his music, visit the official website. To see more of his music, check out the Youtube channel! Follow the artist on all social media to follow his journey.




Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson is an upcoming artist from Paris. The artist has been exploring music for a decade. His new album, much like his other music, is based in the genres of Blues rock. With ambitions, dreams, and a heart full of music and hope, the artist is planning a move to America to pursue his dreams.



Steven Yvann Bogstean Siskysko Elenson
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