New Album From Victor Chukwu

New Album From Victor Chukwu

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Gospel Album “My Helper” Released January 3!

Lawrenceville, Georgia – December 31, 2020 – Faith is incredibly important to many. It has changed lives in the best of ways. The people of the church are always trying to spread the word of Jesus to reach different people. Victor Chukwu is one of many trying to do his part; only he uses music.

Victor Chukwu has had music and God play a big role in his life. From church choirs to professional music production, Victor has spent his life listening to both the word of God and Gospel music.

Knowing this, it is no surprise that he has released a Gospel album. The first of many to come, “My Helper,” is a compilation of Victor’s previous work and a few new tracks. The whole album speaks as a piece to inspire, encourage, and excite the listener.
The whole album is talking about the presence of God in our lives and the help he provides. Every song draws inspiration from the word of God, and therefore, all the songs in “My Helper” are meant to touch your soul and help you draw strength from God.
Victor Chukwu’s first album, “My Helper,” will be available from January 3, 2020, on major streaming platforms. Check out the Youtube playlist and more from Victor Chukwu on his official website!





Victor Chukwu has been shaped by the presence of God and music in his life. Victor has participated in the church choir from a young age, progressing to directing several Christian choirs. As the years went on, he stuck to composing and arranging many gospel songs. He started to officially produce and release his music in 2019. His goal is to continue putting music that reflects God’s word and become a major global influence.



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