New Album of Billboard charting artist George Hodos Brand Name Man brought back the excellence of “Divo’s time.”

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Hollywood, CA —American Pop/R&B Billboard charting singer George Hodos came out with a full-length album Brand Name Man released in cooperation with a German Record Label Chubb Records after taking a few-years pause from professional recording. The ambitious name of the album makes people wonder who is that mysterious person that brought himself to the pedestal of the living embodiment of art. The artist shamelessly provided the answer in the album’s title song: “I am a Brand Name Man.”

The singer mentioned that he sees his new album as pieces of the adult gentleman life’s experience introduced in the form of an elegant art. “Brand Name Man is a compilation of short musical stories about different aspects of my personal and spiritual life reflected in this symbolic one-hour music journey that represents myself as a self-branded individual.”

The musical experts had a challenge to define the album’s genre as it includes elements of classical and contemporary R&B, Jazz, Soul, and modern Indie Pop, which became a matter of some subjective criticism. Mr. Siberian Prince (as George was called by famous British manager Athole Still according to his Slavic roots), argued: “Since this album is a quintessence of my experience not only in life but in music as well, I desired to represent my music versatility and intentionally mixed genres.” Despite its eclecticism, the album sounds as a solid piece united by the original personal sound of George Hodos who could be also called a true Prince of Male Sensuality.

The whole album was written by the artist himself in collaboration with an extraordinary female song writer, vocal producer, and vocalist Natasha Ortnik who also left her personal signature in the album as outstanding background singer.  However, one of the best compositions of the album are covers of two famous Whitney Houston’s songs I Look to You and I Will Always Love You who Mr. Hodos always highlighted as his main musical inspiration. Many artists touched the legacy of this Soul/R&B Goddess and not many succeeded to produce something authentic and worthy to be noticed.

George did. He stated that it is not possible to sing this music better than The Voice did. So, he made it differently, keeping her in mind. George called the music of Whitney Houston an international legacy like the music of Rachmaninov or Beethoven. “You study a few years in conservatory before you play it to the public. I thought I was ready to sing these songs now after working in the International Music market for over ten years.”

It must be noticed, that after more than a decade in the elite pop-music arena, George Hodos looks better than ever. The artwork for the album truly pleases the eye like his sultry sound pleases your ears with honey and butter.###


George Hodos established his name in the global world of popular music after realizing his singe Just a Man feat. Snoop Dogg in 2010. The single was in top 40 Billboard charts for 10 consecutive weeks.



In one of his latest interviews with American Women’s magazine, American singer George Hodos said he did not choose music. Music chose him. When George was just a couple of months old, his mother noticed that he became reticent when he heard music. She intentionally played different genres and styles around the house, observing his reactions. The recording of Maria Callas’ Vissi d’arte (Puccini, Tosca) met the most of his naive admirations. Since then, George has refused to fall asleep without listening to this beautiful musical piece.

At the age of 6, George became well-known in his native town of Russia as a singing prodigy. He took his first steps into the spotlight when he starred in the musical Oh Painful. Later, George went to the children’s opera The Garden, which toured throughout Russia. Through George’s performance on stage, George’s voice caught the attention of his peers. He was granted several scholarships to attend the School of Art Spring that he graduated at the top of his class with honors.

George continued polishing his vocal gift in Russia’s highest regarded music academy called The Russian Academy of Theatre Arts. Soon, he signed his first recording contract with the legendary Russian music record company “Mirage Music” and producer Alexander Bukreev. It opened doors to his most incredible dreams and a professional career in music. George collaborated with the best professionals in the industry. He completed his work with the debut album The Voice in New York City and shot the video for the single Where Do I Go? in Paris. The single “Where Do I Go” skyrocketed to the top of the charts landing George on the radio, VH1, and Musicbox as well as on several magazine covers including “Entertainment Weekly,” MK Magazine’s, and “Top 20 Men of the Year”. George also landed a feature spread in Playboy Magazine that spotlighted his sultry sounds and good looks.

The next goal was reaching the U.S. market. He recorded an adult contemporary R&B single, Just a Man, his first stateside release, with Universal’s division “Dauman Music,” where George teamed up with world rap star Snoop Dogg. The single was landed in the top 40 of Billboard charts for 10 weeks. George permanently moved to Hollywood. American press enthusiastically welcomed George Hodos as the European to Western show-business import, calling him The Siberian Prince. To support his single, he opened up for established R&B acts such as Genuine and Ameri. Later, George continued to master his performance skills in contemporary R&B style and released his first international album “Compelled,” with German record company Chubb Records in 2018.

For the last 6 years, George Hodos took a break from the music career to complete his Ph.D. degree in Psychology. However, his love for singing was never gone from his heart. During the last 3 years, George has been working in the studio and recorded new material in collaboration with a singer and vocal stylist Natasha Ortnik. In April 2021, George released a new single, Spirit with Chubb Records, a message of love to the world shacking with fears and uncertainty from the global pandemic. On September 9th, 2022, George Hodos released a new album Brand Name Man. A brilliant collection of elegant modern songs is reflecting his personal philosophy and experience of sophisticated gentlemen who are regularly compared to the most prominent legends of the past, such as Michael Jackson (“The King of Pop”) and George Michael.



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