New Album Titled “Subjective” Released By H+

New Album Titled “Subjective” Released By H+

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Check Out This Exciting Mini Album Released by H+ Titled “Subjective”

Warwick, Bermuda – “Subjective” is the newest album released by H+ on December 18th, 2020. This mini-album consists of 8 tracks by the artist. The artist wishes to express the philosophy of existentialism in his music.

The listener can interpret all the tracks of the album “Subjective” in their own way. There is no correct way to interpret this music. So, it leaves a lot of room for the listeners to explore the album in any way they like which should result in their own unique understanding of the music.

The artist would like to transport listeners to a different dimension altogether with his music. Inspired by artists like Amon Tobin, Sun Ra, Aphex Twin, Square Pusher, Roni Size, and Mad Professor, H+ enjoys experimenting with his music.

It is a blend of both familiarity and experimentalism, making the album perfect for a wide range of listeners. The album will be a hit for people who enjoy electronica, dubstep, IDM influenced music.

The artist is also working on new tracks. H+ claims that his new project will be released in the first couple of months of 2021. Be sure to support him on various platforms like Facebook, Soundcloud, and Spotify.


H+ is Malcolm Brian Swan’s performance name, a music teacher with a Bachelor’s in performing double bass and a master’s in music composition. He lives in Bermuda, a small group of islands 700 miles off the United States’ east coast.
H+ came up with the exciting new album titled “Subjective” to express his creativity to the world. The ultimate motive behind this album is to inspire progress and unique solutions for old problems. He wants his listeners to look at something in a new way and use that experience to move forward to a new future.



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