New and upcoming musical Artist Heartical King (Howard Noel Salmon) with songs across genres Chilling Soulful tripling party heartbroken

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New and upcoming musical Artist and Entertainer singer songs writer Heartical King (Howard Noel Salmon) been a music lover from the early age of five and actively visiting dance and stage at age nine wrote first songs (new talk out) age 17 where he visited a fellow artist Big Murph and was sharing a songs Murph could hardly hear what he was say and say (yu fi talk up) you should speak up thous he got the songs tyle talk out

Songs with a variety of styles flow and mood settings songs that express love feelings songs

  1. Share this moment

  2. Girl I need you, I you the most

  3. Bufferfly

  4. Anything remake

  5. An the dance floor

  6. Come de

  7. Sometimes I hear people talking

  8. I want you baby 

    Jamaican born Heartical King’s music available across a variety of music platforms globally UK base Independent artist generally a dance hall Reggae and occasionally dance pop electronic music


Heartical King release first track in the 2020s followed by many others first song to release was (I need some attention) and many more like iconic song come de release in 2021 and and an the dance floor 2022 Share this moment 2021 new talk out 2020 this girl she look good 2023
Heartical King became a an musical Artist due to his love for music after his early exposure to Reggae dance hall music at the early age of five radio program called (top ten) Dair age fifteen at the time could say up late and tune the radio to a particular station and Heartical King (Howard) Dair and the other kids would  queue up together and dance the night way
Heartical King been a quite shy individual express himself through the use ot music and writing songs based on a particular event past event meetings someone for the first time a reaction from individual or about a love for someone something a passion to teach demonstrated entertain for enjoyment

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