New Artist From South Dakota Won’t Give Up

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Rapid City, South Dakota — Thursday, September 26th, 2019 — Joszef M. Burnette aka OpWaNkAnOp or Op for short is an independent artist from Rapid City, SD trying to show the world that you can achieve your goals and dreams just by working hard at them.  He has been creating his own style of hip-hop called Upper Midwest, a style combining both East and West coast sounds.  If you want to hear some music that no one has heard, and has a new catchy vibe, then Op’s music might be for you.

Signed to Boost Records two months ago, Op has been on the right path achieving many goals along the way.  The music industry is changing and he wants to be apart of the change.  He started creating music because it was something he wanted to do with his life, and to prove he can follow his dreams.  You can find his music on Soundcloud, his Facebook page, Spotify, and all other major platforms.  He is expected to Release a Full Album on October 26th titled “Show Time”

He has been doing all the recording, editing, mixing, and mastering, etc. for every song he has done as well, with the help of distribution and promotion from his independent label Boost Records.

“Anyone can follow their dreams if they work long and hard enough” – Op

“What I say goes with my music, so I’m Op Dokie” – Op

Op has never had a press release, and he is basically on the first few steps, with most of his top songs being found on SoundCloud, some people can’t get enough of him.  All his music is true stories from his life living in his hometown in Lima, OH, his life in California, and now his home in Rapid City, SD.  He has no interest in writing music about stuff he hasn’t done or hasn’t experienced yet.  The way he rhymes and flows with his music, it’s almost a beautiful scene.

All in all, be sure to help Op’s dream come true.  Listen to his music, be supportive.  Someone who follows their dream and never gives up is someone worth checking out.  He will be around for quite a while since nothing with keeping this young man from reaching new heights.

Be sure to check out Op and his chill vibing music on all platforms.





His music style he calls Upper Midwest hip-hop, which is a mix between the sounds of East and West coast.  He does all his creating by himself, the editing, recording, etc.



Joszef McKinley Burnette
2433 Plateau Ln

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

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