New Artist On An Organic Journey From Painting To Music

New Artist On An Organic Journey From Painting To Music

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A sweeping firestorm of dramatic songs… 

Klondike Yukon – April 7th, 2021:  “I had a driving obsession with music when I was young that exceeded most people, and it seems it has come full circle for me, despite my wayward journey,” says visual artist turned independent musician, who goes only by the name Ambrose in her arts. Ambrose is dynamic with her ethereal vocals and moody instrumentation.  She has currently released two lengthy albums and stunningly painted both her album covers.

The artist has always had an affinity and identification with music but was never quite able to capture her own until three years ago when in her forties. She experienced some shifts in her life that redirected her creativity and led her to finally discover personal music within. Never one to force art, she waited for songwriting to come over her. She is musically unconfined and innovative, playing virtually no instruments and never using her piano or guitar to compose, as she feels it would only hinder the actual music that comes from deep within. She says her songs primarily write themselves. She records her songs acapella initially. Breathing her soul into her compositions, Ambrose believes that music is her most authentic calling, allowing her to burn the fire of creativity to a more phenomenal level.

Ambrose has primarily penned over forty pieces and produced fifteen vocal songs and eighteen alternative instrumentals underneath three years. Her music is a collaborative production with a mastermind from Ireland named Paul Cecchetti, who assists her with the more technical aspects, although she has the final say in her work and has done most of the vocal production herself. She says that he is intuitive with her music and they work very well together. Cecchetti is an award winning producer. Her two albums to date are, an instrumental 12-track “Without a Word” and a vocal 10-track “Out of Nowhere”, each are over 70 minutes long and have received some good international airplay from Russia and Arabia to Australia and Greece with 47 countries so far.

In the first year of her musical journey, the artist received over 80 awards from two different American charts, including the International Singer/Songwriters Association. Every song on both her albums has now reached #1 at least once, despite competing with many seasoned musicians with some celebrity status. She has been featured twice on the front cover of Jamsphere magazine, which has over half a million subscribers and was featured in Hit On Indie with a revealing eight-page interview last summer. As almost a foreshadowing, she had her artwork displayed in Goldmine magazine even before coming into music herself.

“I am a diversified communicator but there is nothing comparable to words marrying melody for conveying what is important and nothing quite so therapeutic as with any finished song, I get it down exactly as I desire and I make sure I do not finish things until I do. So much comes from beneath the surface where we normally never venture and you don’t always want to go there but you must when you are driven to express and in the end you have created a unique gem to possibly share with those who might relate. I give the world something to ponder even if they cannot personally relate.”   The songs are deep and the artist experiences difficulty listening to her recordings afterward because she is forced to live every emotional detail all over again. An indicator of her ability to encapsulate emotions in her music.

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Ambrose is a unique artist committed to staying creatively close to home as she fosters an organic approach to her music. She has written enough songs to last her lifetime in the span of only three years and she aims to independently finish producing all of them. She is working on her third double length album and hopes to release it within the next fourteen months.



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