New Jersey’s hottest rap duo returns with “Peace, Love and Rage” album

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Newark, NJ — The highly anticipated collaborative album, “Peace, Love, and Rage,” by Sleepless Draco and S. Willz, New Jersey’s hottest rap duo, is set to release on January 12th, 2024. The two rapper/producers comeback after a smash ep in 2023, (Rareform )which showed the world the rap duo’s influence. With less than two weeks until the album hits the airwaves, fans can expect an epic album featuring the likes of the Rareform group, Beat Bros. on the Track, Deitrich Johnson, VaughnBornFamous, and more. This album showcases three primary moods, seamlessly transitioning the listeners through an enticing blend of emotions.

“Peace, Love, and Rage” takes its listeners on a journey through three distinct moods: Peace, Love, and Rage. Each mood represents a different facet of the rap duo’s creative expression and showcases their ability to evoke emotions through their music. The album’s initial phase, “Peace,” sets the foundation for the musical experience. Notably, the track “Kid & Play,” which was leaked on Instagram in December, has already emerged as a standout hit. As the album unfolds, Sleepless Draco and S. Willz introduce a collection of tracks that exude tranquility and serenity, creating a soothing and melodic atmosphere.

Transitioning seamlessly from peace, Sleepless Draco and S. Willz delve into the realm of love. Each track within this segment carries its unique feel and sound, captivating the listeners with heartfelt lyrics and irresistible beats. Notably, “Come With Me,” a soulful RNB single released during the summer of 2023, adds depth and diversity to the album, that spans across six different genres.

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Towards the conclusion of “Peace, Love, and Rage,” Sleepless Draco and S. Willz unleash a powerful burst of rage. Tracks such as “Social Distance” and “Not Enough” amplify the underlying angst and frustration that the rap duo feels toward the music industry and others. These tracks resonate deeply, inviting listeners to reflect on the societal barriers Sleepless and S. Willz aim to shatter. With relentless determination, Sleepless Draco and S. Willz are set on breaking every bubble in the music industry. Their rage-filled tracks serve as an anthem for change, pushing boundaries and inspiring others to challenge the status quo.

“Peace, Love, and Rage” is a coast-to-coast box of bangers, showcasing the exceptional talent of Sleepless Draco and S. Willz. This album represents an important chapter in the duo’s career, with no plans or discussions regarding a second album on the horizon. It promises to be a rare gem within Rareform’s musical history and should not be missed.

Get ready for January 12th, 2024 when Peace, Love & Rage by Sleepless Draco and S. Willz debuts, and Pre-Save on Spotify Now:–rage

Sleepless Draco’s “Genius Boy” ep releases today, Check it out Here:





Sleepless Draco and S. Willz are two music artists with their own respective music endeavors. When the two come together to make music they become New Jersey’s hottest rap duo.


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