New Kids on the Block, Ebony and Ash10 Martin, Ready to Take Over the Kids’ Music Scene

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10-Year Old Ebony and Ash10 Martin is the Next Big Thing in Children’s Music

Bakersfield, California  –  Ebony and Ash10 Martin is a talented brother-sister duo set to make their mark in the genre of children’s music. The young artists have a particular love for hip-hop raps, evident from the music they’ve released so far. Their released tracks are just as impressive as the fact that Ebony Martin is at the tender age of 10 years old.

Despite her young age, Ebony has displayed remarkable artistic potential. As part of the duo, she released the catchy tune, ‘Tic Toc Time’, in November 2020. The song features a unique beat that will get anyone bopping, but its lyrics will especially attract the younger generation as it speaks of all the trends they love.

Not long after that, Ebony dropped another fire track in December 2020, titled ‘Playtime’. This song is the kind listeners will instantly want to get up and dance to themselves. Once again, Ebony and her brother, Ash10, go hard on the raps verses, proving that the music industry is where they belong.

Ebony certainly has a knack for music and rapping, but her talent does not stop there. The youngster is also a professional dancer and loves busting out choreographies in her music videos. The choreography is fun, easy, and catchy enough to get anyone dancing along to it, and that is Ebony’s aim. Her goal is to reach more kids with her music and have them dance along with her.

Check out Ebony and Ash10 Martin’s official website to listen to their music. Keep up with the artist’s latest releases by following them on major social media platforms. To contact them for reviews, interviews, and collaborations, use the information given below.





Ebony and Ash10 Martin is a brother-sister duo looking to establish themselves in the genre of kids’ music. While having a love for music in general, the two have a particular passion for hip-hop and specialize in rapping. Their music videos always feature an energetic and catchy choreography from 10-year old Ebony Martin. They have released two hot singles already and are set to drop even more ear-catching music in the future.




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