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Lancaster, TX, US Minor Outlying Islands — Milwaukee, WI’s very own Galax C Boy announces his new album Opus and releases new single Here which be available on all streaming platforms this June 2nd 2022. Galax C Boy is the stoner loner with a relatable delivery and a wide range of versatility. His very simple but slightly complex style can sometimes catch you by surprise. But also very musical and melodic.

Opus is written, produced, composed, arranged performed, mixed, and mastered entirely by Galax C Boy himself. The intro song Came From The Darkness is a powerful, dark look into the world of a new character Galaxy calls Smellie Scenes which seems to come off as his shadow self or his darkside. Going into the second song Paradise which sounds like a kitchen style Prince record really show his talent and different spaces he could take it. Being that there are only 4 rap song on a 10 song album, the record has a more nostalgic feel to it. Songs like Accomplice, Don’t Run From Me, and The Sunniest Day have a 90’s or early 80’s sound. Songs like Night Calls and Waiting For You have a more cinematic approach, feeling like the really bad parts of a horror film.

“I just wanted to do something creative and out of the box” Galaxy says. “You can’t really rap like how we use to because people take things personal. Even if your not directing it at them some how they believe you addressing them”. “I just wanted to make a record that wasn’t about me but more about a body of work.”

The Opus album is collection of venerable expression thew song. Not afraid to say things like “Some times I feel like a monsta” or “I need you here” could give impression of a depressed album. But Da Spot and The Sunnest Day sound like gorgeous days and a wild night life. All in all Opus the perfect balance of light and dark, new and old, hip hop and pop.

Galaxy also said that his website should be up as well. Where fan can get physical copies of the music as well merch, updates on content and performances

Buy the music, buy the merch, support this brother Galax C Boy he is one of the new artist to look for.




 Galax C Boy is a artist, a music artist, a writer, a singer, a M.C., a producer, a composer, a performer, a music engineer, and anything else that pertains to his music career. He pretty much does it all.  He love Funk, Pop, Rock, and Soul music. Galaxy is a mixture of Kanye West, Outkast, Biggie, Tupac, Lil Wayne, Prince, and Michael Jackson. He loves creating that nostalgic feel in his work. He grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and he started making music early, as a teen he produced rap records for local artist. What makes (Galax C Boy) different from most hip hop artist is , he just want to express his natural emotions and maybe some people feel the same and sometimes not but it’s his truth.Go check out his music on Spotify, Amazon Music, itunes, and all other music streaming services. And stay on the look out for new music coming your way.


Galax C. Boy
Name: Leon T Brown
Address: 630 Atteberry Ln, Lancaster, TX, US Minor Outlying Islands
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 4696503207
Press Kit: https://galaxcboy.opus




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