New Music From Artist White Noise Maker

New Music From Artist White Noise Maker

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An underrated indie musician who should be a playlist favorite

Seattle, Washington – May 10th, 2021 – For listeners searching for alternate pop music that soothes, artist White Noise Maker is sure to become a playlist favorite. He is not new to the music scene by any means and has the experience to back up his beautiful vocals. A solo artist, producer, and songwriter, White Noise Maker is all set to release a new EP release in June this year.

The musician has had a good career so far. He released his first album, ‘Enter Ghost,’ last year, on June 30th. This project is often described as eccentric, with some experimentation to engage the listener and retain attention. However, the talented musician does not go overboard and ensures that his music is still accessible while it pleases his niche audience. Like other music projects, this album was also mixed, mastered, performed, written, and produced by the exceptionally talented artist. His music has been used in multiple shows, commercials, and will feature in an upcoming indie movie.

White Noise Maker’s music broadly falls into the genre of pop/rock and sprinkles in modern elements like beats and risers, typically more associated with hip-hop or contemporary pop. However, upon close and holistic listening, it becomes apparent that there are 2000’s alternative rock roots present. Familiar yet new at the same time, the dynamic elements of the artist’s music have often been compared to the genre-bending talent of Beck, Conor Oberst’s tango with electro-pop, and the reverberating vocals of My Morning Jacket.

White Noise Maker has founded and led several bands that have been at the forefront of the indie-alt scene. In addition to this, the artist has used his talent to create theme songs and background music for some nationally recognized brands. Adept at working in various genres, the artist is now finally pursuing his dreams. This expertise is also apparent in the artist’s music. When listeners listen to this artist’s compositions, they will be able to identify multiple music styles and their seamless fusion, resulting in the genre-bending potential outlined above. Although the artist has not blown any charts yet, it seems it is only a matter of time before his talent is recognized.

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A musical phenomenon, artist White Noise Maker, is a one-person show. Boasting a thriving career in producing music for others, the musician is finally pursuing his path. White Noise Maker’s music blends in genres as diverse as pop, Americana, funk, electronica, and classic 60s pop.




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