New Music – Kye Alfred Hillig

New Music – Kye Alfred Hillig

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On Sunday October 8th, 2017, Seattle singer/sing-writer Kye Alfred Hillig released a new album, FOSSIL.  There was no real warning, no preemptive strike, just a quick note on his Facebook page and a link to 10 tracks that had been cooking for nearly a year.

FOSSIL is Hillig’s 6th release as a solo artist since 2012 and 21st since the age of 13. Spanning the musical spectrum from punk to indie to folk and country HILLIG has again changed himself to step outside his boundaries and create something ‘different.’ With FOSSIL Hillig has embraced his pop sensibility but in his own dark and compelling twist…  “This record was the most challenging album I’ve made so far, and there were moments that I thought it might not see the light of day. The process was completely backwards from any way I’ve worked previously, and the result feels something like a dream to me. There’s a lot of pain in the world right now and with this album I’ve tried to speak to that in my own way.”



‘Fossil’ (10/08/2017)



FOSSIL is that rare album that earns your full attention. And in a digital age, this is nothing short of magical. There is no pomp and circumstance. There are no gimmicks here. This is songwriting. And If given the time and patience this record will find a place in your heart and stay there for years.

Ky Alfred Hillig’s lyricism is as honest and direct as ever, but the meticulous and lovingly crafted arrangements show a level of musicality and craft that will challenge you to find it’s equal. And I dare say you won’t. Like trying to describe a dream or retrieving a long lost memory, one can barely do it justice with words. This album is so peerless in its mastery, but so familiar in it’s intimacy that it begs the question, how is this music not on every playlist or record player in the world already?

What Hillig has created with FOSSIL is demanding in the most unexpected ways. And above all, it truly requires the listener’s attention. Something almost unthinkable today. To unplug from the world–no cellphone, no internet, no Facebook–no distraction at all. And you barely even have to try. It invites your attention. Just the listener, a pair of headphones and the bravery to sit still and be mindful of the moment. Vulnerable and present.

With FOSSIL, Kye has accomplished a work of art that stands above the sea of music-streaming mediocrity, and deserves the attention it will surely garner. And when given the chance it will undoubtedly open listeners up to more then they’ve expected from new music in a long, long time.

If you are interested in setting up additional coverage for this release please let us know. Hillig will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the Spud Goodman Show and performing regionally in support of this release.





Mike’s Daily Podcast (10/15/2017)

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