New R&B Sensation SZN Changes Releases his new project “Sept. 21st”!!!

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Atlanta, Georgia, Fulton — Friday, May 15th, 2020 — On May 1st, 2020 the new r&b sensation SZN Changes blessed us with his new & highly anticipated project entitled, “Sept. 21st“. The project is graced with sixteen tracks that include the lead single, “Fast Life”, & the promo single “Ignoring Me”.

When listening to SZN’s new project you will be taken on a musical journey of vibes, feelings, and a true sense of what r&b is supposed to feel like, ya know, the kind of r&b that will make you love, laugh and cry when thinking of loves lost and loves to come. SZN began recording the project in late July & finished by early April. He executive produced the entire project; handpicking every beat, writing every song, choosing every song that would be on the project, as well as choosing who to feature on the project. SZN also mixed and mastered the entire project as he does with all of his songs and projects.

SZN’s fans have been quoted saying, “Brah, the whole project is fire” & “Man we have gone need more of that real soon”! “Sept. 21st” is filled with hits and bangers, and is a guaranteed, straight through, no skips listen.

SZN has already announced that he’s started working on his next project, writing and picking beats as we speak. He is looking to release it in August, no later than September. 

So look out for much more from SZN in the near future, but until then, bless your ears and your soul, feel the vibes, and go stream    “Sept. 21st”  on ALL DSPs!!! I guarantee that you’ll become a fan instantly! 

Make sure to follow SZN on all Social Media @sznchanges.  






Coming from the small country town of Ocilla Georgia, SZN Changes first realized he had a voice at the young age of three. Being first influenced by the gospel singing of his father, and later being influenced by Chris Brown, SZN Changes began actually writing and recording music at the age of nine. At the age of fourteen, SZN became highly influenced by 2pac in every way possible, from Music to Acting to Poetry, and the teachings and quotes in his Interviews. After finishing high school, SZN decided to take music seriously and shot straight to Atlanta to pursue his music career. While living in Atlanta for a couple of years, SZN had been homeless, jobless, and broke, but somehow managed to still stay motivated enough to keep chasing his dreams. In his words, “It was really just me in me that just wouldn’t let me quit. I would listen to Pac and Pray every day. Pac, his story and his life is a big part of why I’m here right now, I really used his life and his story as motivation to make it, knowing that if Pac can come from where he came from to become who the world now knows as 2pac, the greatest HipHop entertainer of all time, then there’s no way that I can’t stay down and come up.” SZN is now Twenty – Three years old and has been offered Recording and Publishing deals from multiple major labels, but is currently still independent. SZN also just released his new project, “Sept. 21st” on May 1st, 2020, and since the release of the project, it has gotten nothing but good reviews. SZN has also already announced that he is working on his brand new project and we will get a title very soon along with a release date. SZN is aiming for a July or August release. Be on the lookout for everything SZN has coming soon. After one listens to SZN, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll become a fan instantly.



SZN Changes
Douglas Taylor
325 Heathway Fayetteville, GA 30214

Source: ArtistPR Press Release

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