New Red October Album Has Finally arrived!

New Red October Album Has Finally arrived!

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Chapel Hill, NC — Red October’s 1st album has finally arrived. It’s 35 minutes of Goth/indy/alternative rock. It can be found on All streaming platforms (i.e. Spotify Apple Music ITunes YouTube music)

It’s a very cinematic and Dark album.

It’s striving to be a modern day Unknown Pleasures (Joy Division) with a dash of Surf Rock and Metal. Does it get there? Up to you

This album is written with the listener in mind. All the lyrics are open for interpretation and encourage replays. There’s even a few references to Joy Division with out saying Joy Division by name.

  1. This album is a love letter to Manchester music scene. Kill the silence is a semi love letter to The Kill Joys.

It’s available on Streaming platforms and you can follow the project Red October on Facebook and Instagram  Here’s a link to the album on Spotify.




Red October is a solo project out of Chapel Hill, North Carolina


Red October
Name: Chase Davenport-Klas
Address: 800 South Merritt Mill Road apt 308, 308, Chapel Hill, NC
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 9193572257




Source: ArtistPR

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