New Rock Album from Artist Pat Blackwell

New Rock Album from Artist Pat Blackwell

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Songs about Struggle, Growth, and Truth of Life in Latest Album Livin’ The Dream

Greenville, South Carolina – Following a successful best-seller, Burn Baby Burn, Pat Blackwell’s newest solo album, Livin’ The Dream, is a delight to hear. The album is co-produced with Charlie Mayfield. Pat Blackwell and Charlie Mayfield’s friendship and chemistry are brought out in this album. The highly talented Daniel Blackwell adds his incredible guitar work, playing lead and rhythm guitar on three album tracks,

The eleven-track album Livin’ The Dream explores themes of struggle and growth through life’s challenges. What initially started as a collection of songs to drive around and listen to, it blossomed into a full-blown project. Christie Ward also contributed two poems, which Blackwell used as lyrics on two tracks for the album.

All the songs in Pat’s album focus on life and what truth we derive from it. It’s an amalgamation of all of Pat Blackwell’s experiences and how he pushed through. Whether it is his impactful lyrics or the soulful rock music, through the album Livin’ The Dream, Pat Blackwell hopes to shine a light on people stuck in the darkness.

Pat Blackwell’s musical inspirations are The Beatles, Aerosmith, Elvis, Paul McCartney, and Elton John. He alludes his growth in music to his influences and their music. From seeking inspiration to making critically-acclaimed music, Pat Blackwell has come a long way since his previous best-selling album, Burn Baby Burn.

Pat Blackwell has vast plans to explore rock music and bring fresh perspectives to light. Livin’ The Dream is his second solo album that you can check out on his official website, Spotify, or YouTube Channel.





Born and brought up in South Carolina, Pat Blackwell has had a celebrated musical career with his band Vision. From recording, touring, and performing with Joan Jett, David Lee Roth, The Doobie Brothers, .38 Special, and many talented artists, Pat Blackwell has an on-going immersive music career. From winning awards like PRS Songwriting Award to being a finalist in the Billboard Songwriting Showcase, Pat Blackwell’s grip on the music industry is quite profound. Now producing music on his own, Pat Blackwell explores his creative side by giving in to his honest energy and passion for music.



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