New Single Release From Undecided Future

New Single Release From Undecided Future

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Undecided Future Decides To Release New Single “Condensation”

Long Beach, California – May 21, 2021 – The music industry remains one of the hardest industries to break into it. However, it doesn’t stop hundreds of hopeful musicians from trying their luck. While many do not make it, there are a few that manage to break in. One such artist is the upcoming band Undecided Future.

Despite the indecisiveness of their name, band members Matt Isaac (Lead Vocals), Cole Fredrick (Guitar/Vocals), Matisse Pasillas (Drums/Percussion/Vocals), Nick Stone (Keyboard/Vocals), and Chris Trimmer (Bass/Vocals) are clear about their music.

Having started in 2012, the upcoming band has won multiple awards and recognition from artists such as Jason Derulo. In 2020, the band focused on writing music to release in 2021. Along with their writing, they completed a five-stop pop-up tour where they filmed their music videos. In each location, the band filmed a video for one single. One such music video is for their single “Condensation.”

The other singles filmed in the other four locations on their pop-tour include Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Santa Ana. Each location, they performed their old music, including tracks such as ‘U.’

Apart from the singles they’re releasing and the music videos they have released, Undecided Future is collaborating with Grammy award-winning producer Dem Jointz on a 12 song album. The new album is said to be releasing sometime in 2021.

Undecided Future has provided five new singles until the new album comes out, including “Condensation.” All their music can be streamed on all major platforms. The music videos for all five singles are available on their official Youtube channel. For upcoming dates, events, and more, visit the official website and keep up with Undecided Future’s social media!





Undecided Future is a four-member band that was started in 2012. The band started in the Orange County School of the Arts in Santa Ana, CA. With a fresh contemporary sound with a funky, retro twist, the band grew in popularity, even winning awards and a chance to film with Jason Derulo. The band is releasing a new album and a range of singles in 2021. They are also playing at multiple events this year.



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