Nice Guy Johnny Present ‘A Is for America’

Nice Guy Johnny Present ‘A Is for America’

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New EP Out Now


Andover, New Jersey – July 16, 2019 – The trio behind Nice Guy Johnny celebrated America’s birthday with the best possible homage, they dropped a new EP. A Is for America features a handful of tracks that deliver a darker take on Americana. Like the musical love child of the late, great Johnny Cash and Florida Georgia Line, Nice Guy Johnny brings their A-game with this release.

This record has been a long time coming. The lead single, “Highway 95” was released a year ago and in those 365 days, it has garnered over 70,000 streams on Spotify to date. Country fans out there must’ve been yearning for a little of the past when music was pure and the lyrics were as clever as Bob Hope. Which are exactly the elements to which A Is for America stand tall on; purity and cleverness. Each track brings those to the forefront as their title track tosses some sarcasm and truth into the mix. A Is for America also pays homage to one of Kurt Russell’s finest performances, gets personal, and as they put it is “a road map of our country growing up.”

Nice Guy Johnny would be nothing without the men who put it all together. Greg Lwowski handles the lead guitar, Kurt Colon does his thing on the Stand Up Bass, and their frontman John E.K. doesn’t just sing but also writes and plays a mean rhythm guitar. In fact, John E.K has been playing in blues bands for the past two decades, but he wanted to branch out. That is when Nice Guy Johnny was assembled and with a new sound, he set forth to bring a more brooding Country sound to the mainstream.

A Is for America dropped on July 4, 2019. A darker take on Americana, it’s something different for Country fans. Those looking to add something new and different to their playlists, want to review the album or interview Nice Guy Johnny for their site or on their podcast can reach out visit the official site here:


Nice Guy Johnny is serving up a dose of Dark Americana on their 2019 release, A Is for America.

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