Nick DeStefano – We Seek Higher Ground

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Nick DeStefano


Nick DeStefano is a singer/songwriter from NJ that´s no stranger to the scene as he has been featured on MTV and other networks. Armed with an acoustic guitar, this is an artist that –believe it or not- is here to stay.

His recent single ¨We Seek Higher Ground¨ showcase Nick´s old soul with a song that immediately you hear the first chords, it takes you back to the old days when bands like The Eagles were ruling the radio and scene. While the track itself it´s not the best thing I´ve heard as it´s plain, simple and musically boring, I don´t think DeStefano intention was to create a masterpiece. Actually, if you scroll down to the description section of the video, it´s very explicit this is more than a song, it´s a metaphor; this is not Nick Destefano the musician but the storyteller. I am sure all those people that have lost everything in a flood after a storm will relate with the lyrics though it also works as a metaphor at the same time, we all have gone through lots of harsh times in our lives and only thing we want and are desperately seeking is the ground in the water where to stand and move forward.

Overall, ¨We Seek Higher Ground¨ will never win a GRAMMY but it might win some hearts. While the quality isn´t the best, I think the arrangements and music harmonies were really great and the whole melancholic vibe, somehow, it really match with the theme very well.


– RJ Frometa

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