Nikki’s Wives “Ghost”


After living through years of teenage excess and infatuation, it’s all too fitting that Nikki’s Wives, a London, Ontario based alt-pop outfit should find inspiration in the form of a powerful obsession. The band’s upcoming debut EP titled For E-V-E-R introduces Nikki Whitehead’s smoky and glorious vocal style to the world, with a tight band at the center of everything, giving it a very solid energy. While their youthful energy shines through, the band is forging their own musical path and creating a sound that is completely unique to them. The songs drip with honesty and candid emotion, broad and anthemic at certain moments, yet vulnerable and intimate at others.

This record is about growing up and fighting for your own identity in the face of society’s ideas about love and life.  It’s about having reckless abandon, yet having to reconcile the fact that things aren’t always going to go your way.

The current single Ghost (available on iTunes now) is melancholy melody as it connects with listeners on a personal level. It features delicate percussion, a chilling echoing effect and stunning vocals!

For E-V-E-R EP slated for release early 2016.