Nina Lee Presents Refreshing New Sound With ‘Live At Rockwood’

Nina Lee Presents Refreshing New Sound With ‘Live At Rockwood’

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Live Album Out Soon


New York, New York – November 19, 2019 – Nina Lee made her debut in 2017 with the release of her ‘Snapshots’ EP. In the years that have passed, Lee has evolved not personally, but musically as well. Now she wants to showcase that with a special release of live recordings on ‘Live At Rockwood.’

‘Live At Rockwood’ features half a dozen tracks the pop-soul, singer-songwriter recorded while performing. Giving each track a lively boost for audiences to enjoy in the comfort of their own home, car, or anywhere else one chooses to take in music. Throughout the record, audiences get a myriad of emotions. From love and loss in “Willing” to taking a stance in “Freedom.” Then there are tracks like “Try to Break Me” which Lee released when she was only 13-years-old. This track is a true sentiment to how much she’s transformed into the artist she is today.

Her parents said she sang before she could talk, and no one would argue that. Nina Lee has been singing, writing, and performing most of her life. Today, she does so in the heart of New York City as she puts the final touches on her new album, ‘Live At Rockwood’ serves as a bridge between her past and future.

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Nina Lee is introducing her evolution of sound to the world with a new, live album ‘Live at Rockwood.’

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