No Nonsense Releases New LP, ‘Holes in My Chucks’

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Listen to the Latest Release by the Hip-Hop Independent Artist, No Nonsense

Las Vegas, Nevada – December 31, 2020 – No Nonsense is an independent musician whose inspiration traces back to his time in prison. Lessons were learned as themes of growth, strength, inspiration, and persistence began to resonate with him. He decided then and there to start a record label, Double Trouble Records, and craft music that convey a strong message of hope and enlightenment. No Nonsense today has transformed into a seasoned hip-hop artist with talent versatile enough to suit any genre.

‘Holes in My Chucks’ is the artist’s newest LP containing five tracks. The album’s lyricism showcases No Nonsense’s personal experiences relating to hardships in life and how he turned his struggles into a driving force for growth. Although the songs are rooted in hip-hop and R&B, they provide a subtle blend of diverse genres, resulting in snappy tunes.

‘Holes in My Chucks’ is a hip-hop album that is vulnerable and profound with its narrative lyrics. With the album already having over 300k streams, No Nonsense’s next goal is to launch his music and his label on an international scale.

Listeners can check out No Nonsense on his website, where his music is available for purchasing and downloading.





Stacey “No Nonsense” Jones is the flagship hip-hop artist for the record label, Double Trouble Records. The record label is also a venture by Stacey Jones and his twin brother, Steve Jones, that aims for the empowerment and growth of independent artists in the industry. No Nonsense’s music is mostly representative of the hip-hop, rap, and R&B genre. The artist draws musical inspiration from genres across the board to create music that speaks to listeners across the country and from all walks of life.



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