Omid Master – “Only You” single


Omid Master – “Only You” single 


I’m a big fan of a lot of pop music. From things like The Lumineers’ “Ho Hey” to Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor, I enjoy music that has a good beat and catchy hooks. The two songs presented by Omid Master here (“Only You,” the single and “When I Close My Eyes” the companion tune) really reach for that same sensibility. They do a good job of getting there, too.  

The first song is “Only You,” and it starts with just guitar. It works out from there to a more full arrangement. I’m not overly crazy about the tone on the vocals at times. The multiple layers of vocals add something to it, though. This is rather gentle and restrained. Yet there are times when the singing soars higher. 

The second song, “When I Close My Eyes” also starts on the mellower side, but it gets a lot more energized and rocking as it works forward. Although I am not sold on the vocal tone at the start of this song, either, it definitely gets better. There are some bits of the backing vocals, though, that feel a bit strained. The contrast between the rocking and mellower sounds on this piece works really well. Of the two cuts, this is definitely the stronger one. It seems odd that the other one appears to be the actual single. I think this one has a greater potential to climb the charts.  

These are the kind of songs that sit in your subconscious and gradually burrow their way in to become ear worms. This is the type of music that doesn’t really catch you the first time you hear it, but as you listen again, it hooks you a bit more. After a while you’ll find the tune stuck in your head, and seek the song out to listen again. I think that’s really what defines a song that becomes a hit. Once you’ve got those elements, it’s just a matter of landing the exposure to let the music do the work.  

This is pop music in the standard pop music tradition. There is nothing fancy or controversial here. Instead, it’s just solid ear candy designed to entertain. I think it does a good job of that. It probably isn’t destined to intimidate any of the artists I mentioned at the start of the review, but in some ways that’s more because of distribution and access to airplay than it is to any fault of the music. This is worthy to a large degree.  

Omid Master seems a rather unusual name. That might just make it the kind of name that will stick with listeners as well as his music has the potential to do. So, maybe he’ll get the kind of break that will make him a household name with Lady Gaga and Meghan Trainor. I could certainly imagine these songs played in rotation alongside their latest.  

8.5/10 Stars 


Diane Hill

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