Omid Master


Omid Master


Omid Master is one of the most talented and idiosyncratic performers and songwriters in the music scene today. His 2010 debut heralded the arrival of a major new talent and he quickly followed it up with a second acclaimed album demonstrating exponential growth over the first  fine release. He is currently in the process of recording his third full length release and three of the new songs emerging from that process, “I’m Going Crazy”, “Only You”, and “When I Close My Eyes” show a recording artist who continues to expand the possibilities of his art with each new release. These are vibrant and inspired works culled from the fabric of Master’s own life but further fired by his imaginative powers as a composer and performer. This Australian born singer/songwriter has taken his own peculiar path to arrive where he is today and following his Muse wherever it lead them has certainly amply rewarded him and listeners alike.

“I’m Going Crazy” has a laid back, mid tempo pace and nuanced guitars keeping it aloft throughout. The drumming is, likewise, exceptionally on point and punctuates the song’s melodic turns with just the right amount of touch. Master’s lyrical talents are solid – he knows exactly wants to say each time out and never uses two words when one will suffice. This tendency to resist overwriting has an enormous effect on the song’s overall quality. His vocal skills are exceptional. He has an impressive range that hints at technical skills few singers possess while his emotive capabilities are quite real and add a lot to this performance. There’s equal parts sly humor, light desperation, mania, and exasperation running through his voice and it enhances the tune mightily. “Only You” has a smooth surface and glossy production values, but it’s delivered with utter class and never strikes a false note. The same emotive talents we hear in the opener come to the fore again with this song and he takes a well-worn subject matter and makes it his own thanks to his charismatic vocals. There is a strong commercial edge to these songs and they have the needed focus to help get them over in that arena. The running time for both of these songs never exceeds the four minute mark, yet they play and feel like complete musical experiences.

The third song “When I Close My Eyes” has a big, bold chorus and a slightly more uptempo jaunt than the earlier numbers. This has hit single potential written all over it and a major reason why can be heard in how forcefully Master throws himself into the vocal performance. The song construction, likewise, hits all the right climatic points without ever sounding too predictable. This trio of songs serves as an excellent introduction to Omid Master’s recorded work and shows off his many strengths in the best possible light. Based on these songs alone, it’s easy to assume Master’s third studio recording will surpass the already high bar previous releases have set and propel him even further along towards widespread prominence.


Jason Hillenburg