Open Your Mind and Set Yourself Free with Powerful Hard Rock Beats: Rising Artist Andy Samford Unveils New Album

Open Your Mind and Set Yourself Free with Powerful Hard Rock Beats: Rising Artist Andy Samford Unveils New Album

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With his inspiring and captivating new album, aspiring artist Andy Samford is enthusiastic to channel his passion for Hard Rock Music into empowering listeners to live in the present and avoid dwelling too much on the future

Decatur, Georgia – June 14th 2021 – An up-and-coming singer and song writer, Andy Samford, is sending ripples through the musical scene of Hard Rock. Set to soar and make a name for himself in the musical industry, this rising artist is set to become the next big name in the world of Rock music. With expressive lyrics that paint pictures across intoxicating beats and heavy psychedelic rhythms, Andy Samford’s music is designed to shake the soul.

With the release of his much-awaited new album titled ‘Feel It,’ the eclectic artist highlights a wide range of vocal prowess and musical talents through unique beats and psychedelic flows that inspire listeners to take on the journey of opening their minds and setting themselves free.

The distinctiveness of the album ‘Feel It’ is attributed to the fact that it is a product of Andy Samford’s hard work with no external help. “It’s unique because I do it all myself,” says Andy, “I have no motivations, I have no beliefs – I am inspired by music and I try not to make too many plans for the future.”

In his newest album, listeners can look forward to songs about love, magic, girls, weed, sex, depression, happiness, psychedelics and outer space that open the door into the mind of this musical genius.

Check out Andy Samford’s new album and learn more about him on the links below and/or reach out via the contact information for interviews, collaborations, or promotional access.





Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Andy Samford has been writing and performing for 23 years. With variety of strong yet diverse influences such as Ween, Hawkwind, Black Sabbath and KISS, Andy plays and writes what could only be described as “heavy psychedelic stoner fuzz guitar pop.”

Samford is a cosmic artist/dreamer who is the master of his own magical land. Having absolute creative power and control over every aspect of the music and its presentation, Samford has released nearly 60 albums and EPs.

Generally, he performs all instruments and vocals on these albums in addition to all of the production, recording, mixing, and mastering duties. He also handles all of the graphic design and artwork, working from photographs he has taken or purchased himself.



Name: Andy Samford
Email: [email protected]





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