Original Independent Music Label, Not OK Music, Is Bound To Impress

Original Independent Music Label, Not OK Music, Is Bound To Impress

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Dub, dark ambient, electronica, and several other eclectic sounds to be found

Steubenville, Ohio – May 25th, 2021 – For listeners searching for dark and refreshing alternative music, the label Not OK Music has some very fascinating releases lined up. This emerging independent music label emphasizes creative music expression and lets the artists’ and the listeners’ imaginations run free. Although quite distinctive in its compositions, the label intends to avoid falling into the trap of branding and pigeonholing their musical content; they believe that these practices may not be conducive to musical expression and creativity.

Dynamic, diverse, and provocative, Not OK Music is a hub of some serious talent and can only be expected to grow. The artists currently working within the label include Young Mr. Howard, Howard & Howard, Micah H, and The Howard Trio. A family legacy, the label has released five singles, Eps, and albums since early 2020. Initial music was released through Distrokid, while recent releases are regularly made available on the Not OK Music channel on YouTube. All the music uploaded is an intense fusion of several styles and genres. Although the label does not restrict its music to a particular genre, one can find various styles, including cover songs, acoustic music, musique concrète, and baroque music. Some identifiable genre influences include electro pop, pop, post-classical, experimental, and alternative.

The members involved in Not OK Music include Ethan D. Howard on violin, vocals, and composition; Dr. Jason Tad Plinta Howard on cello and composition; Jeremy Jess Howard or Young Mr. Howard has a heavy presence on violin, viola, vocals, drum machine, electronics, remixing, and composition ; and Micah H on guitar, vocals, and composition.

The label’s motto goes as follows:

Now is not ok
Everything will be ok
Just you wait and see

Chilling, divergent, and engaging, the label’s style and technique are bound to garner a lot of attention from listeners. For more information on Not OK Music, please visit their website. Their music can also be found on Spotify and YouTube. The label regularly updates its playlists with new releases.





Not OK Music is an up-and-coming music label with lots of potential. Consisting of artists from the Howard family, music on a diverse range of genres can be found under this label. Genres such as dark ambient, electronica, noise, dub, etc., can be found in the label’s plentiful releases.




Not OK Music
Jeremy Jess Howard
[email protected]




Main Website: https://notokmusic.musicprosite.com/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/OR7kIQVJY5o
Others: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIY0yW7iyybjkRYtIs9NSJw




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