Out of the Box with Outside of Society


Outside of Society ReviewDavid Richards with Outside of Society is a rock outlet that really gives you a little bit of everything. “I Need You When” sounds likes a song you would’ve heard alongside Hootie and the Counting Crows back in the ‘90s. It has this rock feel but at the same time, is light and playful all at the same time. In “Atelephobia” they get heavy and really bring it. Still in the same decade, but sitting at the same table with the likes of Pearl Jam and Nirvana now, Outside of Society really takes on a new persona with this one. The title and lyrics also allow this to be an angst anthem as atelephobia is the fear of not being good enough, well atelophobia is so were they being ironic spelling it wrong? Just as soon as the rock ends, “Let Release Roam” sits somewhere between the two. We started with a mainstream rock track, took a turn for grunge and landed on one that’s all alternative. If you’re into rock that spans the spectrum, check out Outside of Society today. (https://soundcloud.com/david-richards-9)