“Painkiller” By Shlomo Sonnenfeld Capable Of Healing And Rejuvenating

“Painkiller” By Shlomo Sonnenfeld Capable Of Healing And Rejuvenating

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A vibrant musical artist from Israel has produces gripping, therapeutic melodies for those suffering in pain

Tel Aviv, Israel – Hailing from the historic city of Tel Aviv, Shlomo Sonnenfeld is an artist from Israel with an adventurous and unique musical history. He is getting ready to release his musical recordings of the past two years along with a new project, “The Therapy Sessions Vo. 1” cover by Shay Lee. With all of this, he will also release two new K songs, making him a true versatile musician with no genre pinning him down. Most importantly, his project “Painkillers” is therapeutic and has gripped many listeners with the surreal feeling of healing.

Shlomo Sonnenfeld’s journey started like an opening scene to a movie about the American Dream. A creative individual chasing his musical dreams, Shlomo Sonnenfeld’s musical career started when he first entered New York City as an aspiring rock artist. From there on, his music paved his path for him.

According to the artist himself, the start of his career and the birth of the genre of hip hop coincided. In a magical twist of events, his manager bought him his first recording studio at the same time as the new technology of samplers and sampling drum machines was emerging. This overlap of events means that Shlomo Sonnenfled was involved with hip hop since the time of its very creation.

The artist officially started working on his music when his partner Yoram Vazan upgraded his recording studio with AKAI S900 sample and EMU SP12 drum machine. This upgrade would go on to define the career of this budding new musical artist. Being in possession of only the technology and also knowing full well how to operate it put Shlomo Sonnenfled in an exciting position, at the very center of the hip hop generation. His first ever record was MC LYTE’s debut but that was just the beginning.

After MC LYTE’s debut, Shlomo Sonnenfeld went on to play a pivotal role in the success of debut Gang Starr album “No More Mr Nice Guy” which, according to Shlomo, was an “adventurous” feat. From then on, the trajectory of his work only moved up. His mastery over beat programming and his expert sampling led him to secure a deal with BMG as a songwriter. His work placed him in the circle of some of the most influential hip hop artists and producers such as Troy Taylor, DJ Premier, Easy Mo Bee, and Axel Kroell.

However, due to familial issues, he was forced to move back to Israel. But his career as a producer and songwriter did not stop. The Tel Aviv museum commissioned him to write a musical piece. The artist lovingly recalls the way it was edited through real tape splicing and editing blocks, acknowledging that he put a lot of effort in creating Mahleria, the piece for the museum,
In Israel, Shlomo continued writing for the television, namely for a German national TV series SOKO 5113. He reconnected with music after getting injured. It proved to be inspirational, leading him to create “Older” which is part of 25 short pieces in a project called “Painkillers”. The entire thing was released on AudioKult Vienna. Meanwhile, his song “Battle” was also licensed for Ray Donovan’s series September 20. You can hear “Older” on Spotify as well as bandcamp.


Shlomo Sonnenfeld is an Israeli artist, and jack of many musical genres, starting from hip hop and ranging all the way to ambient.


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