Parker Longbough – ‘Bridges To Nowhere/Delirium In Lo-fi’


Parker Longbough – ‘Bridges To Nowhere/Delirium In Lo-fi’


This collection of songs has an Indie Rock sound. The vocals are softly layered into the instrumentals. The cover image for the songs is multiple images layered over one another and blended to create a continuous image. This is a great reflection of his music, calming and also with a hint of darkness. The darkness and the rock vibe is mostly created by his unique vocals and the lyrics. The instrumentals are Indie.

Bell Jar is one song from this collection. The song is melodic and easy to listen to. Bells Jar is a great song to relax to if you are just listening for the beat. However some of the lyrics are less than relaxing; the end of the song repeats, Everyone will die,” Everyone will die”, “Everyone will die”. This is a wink towards Sylvia Plath’s Bell Jar, which is notoriously about death. Even the slow pace and vocals feel like they are a nod to Plath’s novel, this accompanied with the beginning quick pace of the song. Breakfast at the Eagles is a song about love with a slow introduction; it starts off with a series of clicking and then continues with the relaxing tone which is expected and great about Parker Longbough. Also a lot of the songs in this collection are love songs.

Hall Pass is another song from the list which is a love song. It has the same Indie sound that the other songs and the soft vocals. The vocals are once again soft, but still dark. The lyrics include things like, what happens on the way to the bathroom. What happens on the way to the bathroom is referring to what happens between obtaining a hall pass in school and getting to the bathroom. Then from that point the song evolves into a sort of love story. Another song from the Bridges to Nowhere Collection is Super Shitty. This song also contains the same hypnotic rhythm and tone. It continues with the relaxing vibe that this track has been creating for the listener. One of the phrases that stand out in the song is “Fact or Fiction”, this line is repeated many times throughout the song, it relates to the title, ‘Super Shitty’. The repeating of “Fact or Fiction” is followed by a period of nothing but instrumentals and then the song ends. This song is more instrumental than vocal. Other works on this track have the same comforting tone. Some such pieces are titled; Mandy, My Bad, Same Time Every Year, Saint Jude, and Genesis Recovery Store.

If you are looking for something melodic and relaxing, but with a dark twist, Parker Longbough is a go to. His songs are almost hypnotic. The one the Parker Longbough track, ‘Bridges to Nowhere’ are characterized by a slow relaxing pace created by the instrumentals and with rock style vocals. This mixture brings the songs together to create a lyrical and rhythmic piece. You can also find him on Facebook and Twitter.


C.C. Ryder