Passionate and Deep Hip-hop and Rap Music: Sacrifice Muzik Creates Inspiring Musical Melodies That Stem From Personal Turmoil.

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This inspiring consortium of music stems from a lifetime of prolonged struggles that have been valiantly fought off with a depth in belief and hope for a better future.

St Paul, Minnesota — September 22nd, 2022- Sacrifice Muzik also known as Roderick (BRUH RAHDRK) Armstrong has been involved in the Rap genre for quite some time. As an individual who has struggled through an environment rigged with domestic abuse, neglect, depression, and failure the eclectic artist is committed to producing new sounds that help show a brighter future to all lost souls.

There is a beautiful balance in the rap music that is produced by the artist. Amongst the tumultuous troubles, it was love, joy, family, friends, shelter, and welfare that helped the young star wrestle with the darker parts of life. This has eventually made him learn one important lesson; love outweighs depression and Christ Wins! The rapper has always written and expressed songs from real-life events. What makes listeners highly impressed with these types of songs is their title which might seem superficial on the front of it but is addressed from a deeper point of view.

After his six-year-long fight with depression, now Rodrick is simply here to help and motivate others who are fighting depression and suicide by giving them a voice to be heard. The Sacrifice Muzik platform is set to allow the unheard to be heard. Rather than through Spoken Word, Song, Storytelling, or just sharing Testimonies and Ministry, the platform wants to welcome you and provide you with an opportunity to be heard and delivered. As a Christian Artist, the songwriter focuses on creating songs that develop the mind, opening it up to a higher perspective. Rodrick’s upcoming EP ‘Drudgery: Hard Work Pay Off’ is all set to cover beautifully intimate topics such as what the singer has personally experienced and what pushed him to change.

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Roderick Armstrong, now a resident of Minnesota, was just a normal kid with a variety of talents such as showing off his Michael Jackson dance moves to playing on the basketball court with adults. His first dream was to be in the National Basketball Association.  But the larger dream was always to simply be heard and free to express his feelings in the way that he feels is best.

It was actually on the streets that the name “Bruh Rahdrk” was built eventually making him well respected for his craftsman who had acquired the same respect he had for others. Being introduced to Jesus for the first time in his life at age twenty-seven he decided to cancel his street music and focus on scripture and understanding his calling. One year later he discovered his purpose with the music and talent he has been gifted with. Ever since Bruh Rahdrk has been passionate about the music he brings before the people. Today, he has written songs like, “Let It Rain ” which describes the testimony of his flaws and sinful nature proclaiming God is still with him alongside other singles such as “What’s A Christian ” and “Best Man”  all leading to his upcoming EP “Drudgery: Hard Work Pays Off”.


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