Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified


Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite – Electrified 


“Electrified” is the first single from Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite’s impending full length debut Canyon Diablo and serves notice that a major new pop partnership is ready to make an enormous impact on the modern pop music scene. The Grand Brothers, one half of this creative endeavor, produced Dee’s second solo album and helped propel the singer/songwriter into a new realm of both public and critical notice. The chemistry between Dee and his producers provided the necessary segue into this project and it’s evident, from even a single listen, that the chemistry experience by this talented trio deserved further and deeper exploration. “Electrified” brings modern pop to life in a way we all too rarely hear today and its brash, unbridled embrace of those ethos is accompanied by a powerful musical sense that few of their peers or contemporaries can match. It is certain to expand the profiles of these three formidable musical forces to even greater levels than before.  

Few pop songs, of any stripe, ever sound so complete. It is obvious that the Grand Brothers and Dee worked closely to realize their musical vision for this song and the result is a pop song that doesn’t run on even a second too long and has all of its respective elements focused on the musicians and producers goals – to engage listeners both physically and mentally. “Electrified” succeeds on those counts and spectacularly. The song’s message is an old one in the arts, basically telling listeners to take advantage of life’s gifts and remain engaged with its possibilities, but they deliver it with a surfeit of personality we rarely hear in such familiar lyrical themes. Much of that freshness is attributable to the instantly likable way Dee’s vocal takes command of the song. He’s far from a traditional singer and has ample energy to burn, but that energy never comes off as unharnessed or scattershot. Instead, he sounds confident throughout and tempers his vocal performance to fit the song rather than attempting to run roughshod over the listener.  

Even the arrangement, which utilizes the typical instrumentation you’d expect to hear from songs of this ilk, comes off as fresh and vital. The Grand Brothers are experts at taking a little bit of something and making it seem like a whole lot and their touch is deceptively light despite the weighty percussion and bass driving the song towards its conclusion. The song’s construction amplifies the drama of the piece without coming off overwrought and, much like Dee’s vocal, has an instant likability that will draw many listeners into the track from the first. The trio is wise to never overextend the song’s reach and it concludes at a satisfying point without ever exhausting listener’s patience. Patiently Awaiting the Meteorite’s “Electrified” is a fantastic jumping off point for the project’s debut album and sets a marvelous stage for the success that will surely follow them from this point forward.


 Jamie Morse