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Multigenre Artist Making Major Movies


Montreal, Canada – April 16, 2020 – When it comes to music, Patrick Lavigne does not have any particular genre that he favors. That is because he is a lover of all sounds, styles, and genres that come his way. From rock to reggae, Patrick Lavigne covers them all and then some. Which is why he is inviting everyone to enjoy Patlang’s Experience. 

Patlang’s Experience is a phenomenal collaboration between Patrick Lavigne and a myriad of talented artists he has worked with both past and present. That includes his bandmates, and fellow multi-instrumentalists. Together they have perfected a wonderful blend that combines alternative ways with blues-rock vibes to present an overall ambient feel. Again though, genre is just a construct for Patrick Lavigne. 

“I don’t want to have any restrictions,” Lavigne notes, adding, “I don’t want to have any restrictions when it comes to what I record.” 

With goals of putting out a new song each month, Patlang’s Experience will be an ever-growing process that will be both innovative and inspiring for the artists he partners with throughout as they create songs that aren’t just for the radio and regular consumption, but for commercials, movies, video games, and beyond. 

Patrick Lavigne has always had a passion for music and started pursuing it back when it was 17-years-old. He spent so much time practicing that year that he was able to start playing professionally by the time he was 18. Then his music was recorded on an old tape deck. That was until he met Rob Dube. Together they put together more sufficient recordings in Dube’s basement studio. In no time Lavigne went from playing bars and parties to festivals. Eventually, the realities of work and family slowed him a bit, but now he’s back at it and ready to go at it with everything he’s got. 

Those interested in adding new eclectic music to their playlists, interviewing Patrick Lavigne, or collaborating with him via Patlang’s Experience can reach out via the information provided below. 

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