Paul Kloschinsky

Paul Kloschinsky

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Paul Kloschinsky – Better Late Than Never


Some feel solid musicianship is a dying art form in music as Power Pop and Rap dominate the airwaves with music that is for the most part – well not very real. But regardless of how you feel about Pop, or even Rap strong musicianship has remained strong and resultant over the years primarily in Jazz, Funk and R&B. However I must admit there is a resurgence of this type of music in bands like Dave Matthews Band and even Phish. As a result its subsequent movements cannot be denied its place in our world.

So I’m willing to give Paul Kloschinsky a fair shake. Clearly one the more inspiring stories stemming from the rugged territory of Canada. I get the impression Kloschinsky has been making a name for himself around the area with his straight forward sound and clever musical antics for some time. I mean to write an album like this – it takes time and I don’t mean the time it takes to record it either. Kloschinsky won the 2007 MusicAid Award for Best Canadian Songwriter for my original song Wearin’ Blue.

It takes time to develop yourself as a composer/songwriter. The cover art renders a rather ultra-conservative minimalist first impression. This album is oh-so appropriately titled and is a true to form return of old school singer-songwriter writing style wrapped around catchy playing style with a hooky feel that flows. It’s passionate, intricate music but goes well beyond decent chops. You can tell 2 minutes into Track 1 “Across the Sea” is the seamless timing, amazing playing, and well honed movement you might be in for something truly special. Track 2 the inviting title track should be a song featured on a Future Film or TV Series. Every track, every arrangement, every note on this demo is seamlessly blend of these four via their musical craft. It’s really testament to who Kloschinsky truly is. It’s also obvious that there’s probably already a growing cult fanbase out there totally in love with this guy right now. In fact I will admit I love and respect everything he sings and represents – casual observations about live really. There’s also a heavy dose of “keep the chin up.”

CD is a bit dated sounding, reminiscent of music popular 20-30 years ago. Some of this plays into marketability. It’s also not the most professional looking or sounding record I’ve ever heard. However building familiarity within this style one walks away feeling like they listened to something a little truer than accustomed. If you’re a new or old folk rocker, then odds are you will love Kloschinsky. If you not familiar with this style of music will feel yourself become quickly acclimatized to it. In close here’s one artist that has the courage to write, play and release music that goes a bit  against the modern pop-rock grain but will remind you just how bad modern day music has really gotten. In fact in this age of Kardashian-esqe entertainment.

The Bottom Line It’s safe to say much of today’s music is made up entirely of these yawning melodies, repetitive themes, and superficial vocals. Some of these intangibles reflect the shallow artists themselves. Paul Kloschinsky is trying to break this mold because he is the real deal. I strongly suggest you take a sample via the below link:


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