Paul Robert Mashler Excites Audiences With Original Piano Compositions

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Pianist Offers Modern And Traditional Interpretations

Seattle, WA – November 2, 2020 – For fans of classical music, Paul Robert Mashler offers a unique blend of the classics with modern interpretations on the piano and orchestral sounds. Songs such as “Elegy For A Romance” and “Glimmer 2.0” will transport listeners on a magical, emotional musical journey. Piano music lovers will agree it is like nothing they’ve heard before.

“Elegy For A Romance” will invoke powerful emotions with its haunting melody. The fast tempo mimics a heart beating fast. Listeners will reflect on their past and present love as they close their eyes and listen. Paul’s skillful piano playing adds layer upon layer to the song. “Glimmer 2.0” offers something a little different for his audience. It is a remake of a previous song Paul composed electronically and is an orchestral version of the song. This version includes an orchestra with haunting string melodies to further captivate listeners. Upon closing their eyes, listeners are immersed in the emotions and rhythms of the song. Paul’s work reflects a talented ability to combine traditional instruments with modern techniques. “Elegy For A Romance” and “Glimmer 2.0” are available on streaming platforms worldwide as well as his other compositions.

Paul Rober Masher tells a story with his music. He is inspired by the work and styles of artists such as Beethoven, Debussy, Satie, and Shostakovich. Paul states, “Taking elements of each of their compositional approaches, I combine them in my own way, adding my own experimental techniques. The result is the sense of a story unfolding, one that is set in otherworldly landscapes, with twists and turns that is likely to conclude with an eruptive climax of feeling!”

To listen to more of his music, or for interested parties to reach out to Paul Robert Mashler for an interview on their site, podcast, or radio show, you can make contact via the information provided below.

Paul Rober Mashler
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