Pilot Hayes Band: State of the Arts


PilotHayesBand ReviewJust before the end of the year Pilot Hayes Band released “State of the Arts,” and in the new year – it’s a must listen. “Into the Grey” sounds like what you’d hear in the climactic part of an indie movie. The one where the down and out artsy guy is going to muster up the courage to finally do what he has to do to get his life on track. You can see the scenes unfold as the lyrics get in and the music continues to go on a steady path. There’s no dramatic build up, just a natural progression. Then we get into the more electronic based music that the band was going for with this record on “High Above Hill.” The music has a hint of that while the vocals come across as ghostly. Things slow down with “World’s on Fire,” but are soothing as the music and lyrics blend seamlessly throughout to create a safe space for listeners despite the heat of the fire. The same goes with “Galaxy and Me.” It’s all about the soothing effect it has on people. If you’re the kind of person who likes getting lost in indie music that dabbles in the electronics and carries itself in a manner that’s respectable, check out LA’s Pilot Hayes Band and their record “Stage of the Arts,” out now. (http://pilothayesband.bandcamp.com/)