Playing around the genres of RnB, Alternative, and Ambient: Presenting to the world August Tee.

Playing around the genres of RnB, Alternative, and Ambient: Presenting to the world August Tee.

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Through her unique style of music and memorable compositions, singer and songwriter August Tee is all set to break into the scene of music with expertise in the Alternative and RnB genre.

Suffolk, Virginia – June 20th, 2021 – Emerging musician August Tee is a singer and songwriter who’s just entering the music scene with the release of new compositions. Her brand new single titled “Aquarius” was released earlier this year on March 25th, 2021, which was a huge step in her musical career. With the release of the song, the young artist is hoping to garner enough recognition and appreciation from music lovers around the world.

Showcasing ideas of deep emotions and all kinds of feelings, the single is one of its kind and is bound to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience. The entire writing process for the song was carried out by August Tee herself, along with the vocals. She worked on the song with sheer determination, putting her heart and soul into it. The song is a perfect blend of RnB, Ambient, and Alternative with lyrics that latch onto the emotions of the listeners. She herself defines the song as full of “vibes”, as it has proved to be calming and soothing, bringing about a relaxing vibe for the listeners. One can really feel the intense emotions and strong feels when listening to the rich melody and mellow vocals of the song. With all these incredible qualities, one can safely say that August Tee possesses a unique ability of bringing out the emotions in a song that almost everyone can relate to at some point in their lives. Her voice plays the key role in the reflection of these emotions.

The budding artist seems to take an extremely unique approach with her music. The way she blends the genres of RnB and Alternative together in order to come up with a completely unique and creative sound is incredible to say the least. She draws her motivation from herself and her willingness to help others through her music. She has some strong beliefs in justice and fate.

With the release of this new song, she’s looking forward to evolve as an artist. She wants to find a great team of amazing people who would believe in her and her music. She, along with her incredible team, wants to achieve all her dreams and desires she has wanted for so long in the music industry.




Singer and songwriter August Tee is a 22 year old female artist from Virginia. She has incredible expertise in the genres of RnB and Alternative, and has just released a brand new single rich in themes related to these genres. She has been passionate about music since a very early age, as she was a part of various choirs throughout her child to adult years. Her main sources of inspiration are industry icons such as Florence, The Machine, and Lana Del Rey.
Hailing from Durham, North Carolina, the young and emerging artist calls herself a dreamer. Her main goal is to be able to collaborate with Lana Del Rey at some point in her career. She wishes to tour the whole world, making music she’s passionate about and meeting devoted fans along the way.



Name: August Walters
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