Post Rock Band’s Instrumental Heavy Track Helps Relax Listeners to the Bone: Chiais’ Track “Summer Street” Is One Like No Other

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A track that soothes its listeners and lulls them, Chiais’ stunning release, “Summer Street” is a must listen for fans of the soul-stirring genre

Tokyo, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Japan — February 24th, 2022 – Soothing, calming, and magnetizing- “Summer Street” is rising band Chiais’ debut single. The new track is not something that one would not expect of a band that brands itself as a rock outlet. A chill and laid-back track with production that draws your mind deep to it, and a deeply engineered instrumental, designed to make you groove along to the band as they put their mastery on display.

Embodying their philosophy of life, Chiais is a band that aims to make central in their music what they see should be the ideal way to live life. Their slow and exploratory songs, embody the slow life that the band advocates. For where one can take in the pleasures and sensations of everything around them, and truly live life to its fullest.

With a smooth guitar instrumental that is evident throughout it, “Summer Street” is a track that bleeds through into anything that the listener is going through, altering their perception of it, and slowing the world down alongside it.

Summer Street” in the end, is a track about the meandering nature of life, and what everyone goes through, living through it at a pace that they like. Taking things in, one moment at a time, and living them to their fullest- a driving mantra for Chiais in their stunning musical trajectory.

Chiais’ new track, “Summer Street” can be streamed on Spotify, and Apple Music. The group can be connected through their socials at Instagram, and Facebook for updates on new releases. For interviews, reviews, and/or collaborations, reach out through email.



Chiais is a project started by Chiai Nagano, which took root in 2016, as a private band. Releasing their first track in 2018, with “Summer Street”, the band explored a relaxing, and exploratory sound that they hoped to improve upon in the upcoming days and months.

In 2019, Chiai Nagano would go on to producing royalty-free background music under her own name “Chiai Nagano”, focusing on UK sounds from the 90s and 00s. Music that would garner acclaim and be extensively used in work lounges in Japan.

In 2021, Chiai Nagano started a production office / independent label “Chiai’s Creation Music”. Using this she would go on to create music on Spotify for various laid-back genres, laying the foundation of the group’s eclectic and ‘chil’ musical compositions.


Chiai’s Creation Music / CHIAIS
Name: Chiai’s Creation Music / Chiai Nagano
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