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Memphis, Tennessee – November 27, 2020 Music does not have to be complex and melancholic to tell a story. Rabia believes in using positive lyrics to tell a story without using profanity. Rabia is a new artist in the industry who is pursuing his musical passion by bcreating R&B and soul music to inspire and motivate listeners. His determination towards becoming a well-known artist has inspired others like himself who are on a one-man plane to achieve their goals.

Despite the current pandemic situation putting things on hold, Rabia has been able to release several songs this year alone. His latest single is ‘Letting Patience Cash In’ that uses mellow R&B tunes to soothe the listener’s soul. The artist has also released songs like “Everything Is Smooth On Mine” and “Song Without A Title.”

Rabia considers himself to be somewhat of a musical poet. This is evident when listeners hear his newest musical releases that use well-developed lyrics to convey a meaningful message that uplifts people. The R&B artist aims to challenge the current musical style adopted by artists who use harsh language to get a reaction. He presents a positive alternative to this musical threat or, as he likes to call it, “a safety valve to the poisonous lyrics.”

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Rabia Louis Haynes originates from Chicago and Resided most of his life in Los Angeles. Now Rabia Lives in Memphis and is a singer who aims to create music that fills the listeners with positive vibes. The artist’s music is representative of the R&B genre, creating songs that remind listeners of gospel and blues tunes. Besides being a singer, Rabia also has things in the works to showcase his talent as a writer, director, and actor.



Rabia Louis Haynes

Love Truth and Reality Music Group

PO Box 480572

Los Angeles, California 90048

[email protected]



Everything Is Smooth On Mine, iTunes

Song Without A Title, iTunes

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