Presenting Georgina Taylor’s Upcoming Album Release

Presenting Georgina Taylor’s Upcoming Album Release

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British Columbia, Canada Never be afraid of getting experimental. Georgina Taylor lives by this motto when she creates her music. Georgina loves to incorporate samples and ‘live’ sounds in her recordings. The experimental pop artist always approaches her music without a shadow of doubt. “My music comes through me…complete songs come out in minutes” is a quote she uses to describe the process.

Mike White Presents, describes her music as, “ …like being pursued by Peter Gabriel, Bat 4 Lashes and Kate Bush into a fairytale forest populated by characters from a Guillermo DelToro film. Just absolutely love the drama and intention… and the way each song is a painting of a character and a story. ” Her music creates a level of dramatic intensity that listeners find very enjoyable.

Georgina has produced and composed several musical pieces. Her ReverbNation page includes completed tracks as well as demos. Some of her popular ones are “Play With Me”, “I’m Content In My Room” and “Hunting The Fox”. Georgina has had the pleasure of working with the popular drummer/producer Preston Heyman who also worked with Kate Bush, Paul McCartney, Terence Trent D’arby, Tin Tin Out and Massive Attack to name a few. Preston worked with Georgina to help her create two wonderful tracks that allowed her to explore the depth of her talents. In the early 1990’s Georgina was also with an independent label out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Georgina’s talents are not restricted to singing. She can compose, produce, and record songs from start to finish by herself.

With over 6.5k fans on ReverbNation, Georgina has gained some recognition as a singer-songwriter. Currently, Georgina is seeking a partnership with a label that will help her reach her full potential. Georgina’s end goal is to create high-quality music with good production value. Georgina is hoping to reach out to a fanbase that enjoys the uniqueness of alternative pop and experimental music. She uses moving backgrounds and a myriad of animated frames to give her music videos an eccentric vibe. Her unique touch with every piece of music is something that cannot be replicated easily. That is why her listeners keep coming back for more, as they will for her new album too.

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Georgina Taylor is a talented artist who lives in British Columbia, Canada.  Georgina was born in England, spent her formative years in Australia, and finally moved to Canada. She has released several songs over the years. Her music style comes under a genre that is best described as alternative-experimental pop. Besides music, she is also passionate about human and animal rights.


Georgina Taylor
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