Presenting The Hip-Hop Gospel Artist, DJ Shawd

Presenting The Hip-Hop Gospel Artist, DJ Shawd

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Dade City, Florida  – November 19, 2020 – The light of Christ can guide individuals through a dark world. DJ Shawd’s life is a testament to this statement. DJ Shawd, aka Rashawd Morrell, has been humbled by his struggles in life that once took him to a dark place. With the help of God, he came out of this time in his life as a spiritual man. Now, DJ Shawd uses his musical skills as a Christian rap artist and producer to reach others and spread the message about the power of Christ.

DJ Shawd has released two new singles this year, called ‘Speed of Light’ and ‘Hot in Here.’ Both songs combine hip-hop beats with Christian rap. DJ Shawd produced the songs, while aiming to invoke faith and hope in others. As someone who has experienced personal tragedy, the artist knows how to relate to others who are also struggling.

The artist’s message of positivity has inspired many people. This is evident when listeners see his songs gaining recognition on Spotify. His most popular song right now is “Speed of Light,” which has almost 5,000 plays on Spotify.

As a family man, DJ Shawd believes that the love of others and Christ is what will save individuals from dark times. So the artist focuses on creating music that has a lot of soulfulness, carrying deep emotions, and yet manages to remain upbeat. Through his music, he tries to convey to his listeners the importance of making time for loved ones and faith before it’s too late.

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Hailing from Dade City, Florida, Rashawd Morrell is a father of 6 who is better known by his stage name, DJ Shawd. Although once troubled by dark times, Rashawd is now surrounded by love that he wishes to share with others through his music. Most of his songs are classified as hip-hop and rap, with lyrics that emphasize his spiritual beliefs. When he is not busy releasing new music, he is spending some much needed time with his family.


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