Presenting the New Single by Victor Janflone, “Color of Love”

Presenting the New Single by Victor Janflone, “Color of Love”

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Brand New Single “Color of Love” Released by Victor Janflone

Pittsburgh, Pa, United States – This new song by Victor Janflone is called “Color of Love.” He made this song to express his own experiences in a journey through love , somewhat tongue and cheek. He hopes to invoke feelings of joy in the people who listen to his song.

The song was written, produced, and composed by Victor Janflone. He is also the lead vocalist for the recording of this song.

Joy Bonner accompanied him for the background vocals of this song. Apart from this, Victor was in charge of the percussion, keyboards, and trumpet for the song.

Nicky Moroch on guitar and drums played by George Perilli. The song has an upbeat feel to it and has insightful lyrics that uplift anyone’s mood instantly. Additionally, the bass was played by George Elliott, saxophone by Eric DeFade.

The song was recorded at Mr. Smalls Studio in Pittsburgh, Pa. Larry Luther played an essential role as the recording engineer and Victor assisted with its recording.

Brian Reeves in Los Angeles,Ca  provided extra production and mixed the song.

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Victor Janflone is a talented artist from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States of America. He has always been interested in music and has shown great passion from a very young age. Victor claims that his love for music first originated back when he was five years old.

Since then, he has performed at multiple events to take his love of music further. In his teen years, he was a part of the top 40 band with his father and brother in the Pittsburgh area. After which, he decided to move to San Francisco to make it on his own.

He started a band called Ruby Shoes in San Francisco and they made a 45 single.The title track Love Her Little Ways,received much airplay. He also learned about the music business while working at The Gavin Report and became a recording / mix engineer working primarily with James Gardiner at Pajama Studio. Victor has picked up many skills along the way and has become a proficient songwriter / film composer working in many genres.

He currently produces a show called Arts and Music with Victor Janflone via CATV.




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