Prevail Proves He Has ‘Something 2 Live For’ With Latest Release

Prevail Proves He Has ‘Something 2 Live For’ With Latest Release

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New Orleans, Louisiana – May 20, 2020 – His path to God hasn’t been the easiest, but Prevail is grateful for every step he’s taken as it has brought him to where he is today. Now he’s living better and wants to share not only his story with the world but his newfound voice on his new album, ‘Something 2 Live For.’ 

‘Something 2 Live For’ is the beginning of what Prevail has in store for the world as it’s what he calls Chapter 1. Prevail started his life at a disadvantage and succumbed to the negatives of his impoverished New Orleans neighborhood. Believing at the time there was no way out for him, he started dealing drugs. Getting caught for that and serving two years wound up changing the trajectory of his life. He notes, “I eventually came to the realization my life was going in a circle, and I knew I was on a road to destruction. After concluding that my life needed a major change I decided to get married and started going to church.” 

That structure, that environment sparked something in Prevail. Wanting to do more for God and himself, Prevail started to ironically enough…prevail when it came to writing and now has over 100 songs to his name. Some of which will be heard on ‘Something 2 Live For.’

Those interested in adding new Christian music to their playlists, reviewing ‘Something 2 Live For,’ or interviewing Prevail on their site, podcast, or radio show can reach out via the information provided below. 

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Prevail recounts where he’s been and where’s he’s going on his latest, ‘Something 2 Live For.’ 

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