Producing Heavy Melodic Music with Hard Rock Riffs: This is Cormada

Producing Heavy Melodic Music with Hard Rock Riffs: This is Cormada

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Through unparalleled tunes already released and brand new compositions lined up for future releases, emerging band Cormada is all set to take over the world of music by a storm

Goteborg, Sweden, Sweden – August 22nd, 2021 – Up-and-coming band Cormada is slowly and gradually taking a hold of the world of music, especially the genre of Hard Rock and Metal. Possessing incredible excellence in Rock music, the band has been making incredible music for quite a while now. Cormada is all set to release a brand new album titled ‘Get in to breakout’ on September 24th, 2021. With the release of the album, the band is looking forward to get their unique sound out there and win a spot in the hearts of Metal fans all around the world.

With sheer determination and will, Cormada has worked on the album tirelessly and are finally all ready to release it after perfecting every single song to the best of their musical capabilities. Produced by Ken Olsson and Torbjorn Haag, the album is full of heavy melodic tunes and big guitar riffs. Every track is heavily dominated by catchy melodies and hard-hitting verses, capable of lifting up the spirit and completely turning around the mood of any listener. The themes of Hard Rock and Metal are so creatively incorporated into the songs that all the songs sound completely unique on their own with the album being solely focused on Rock and Metal. The band came out with their first official release in 2012 with an album titled ‘Music for generations to come’. In 2017, Cormoda decided to redraw the first album, resulting in re-arranging and re-recording the entire album. They went through the process of perfecting the album according to their own artistic vision, cutting some songs and adding some. The new version of ‘Music for generations to come’ was released in February, 2019.

Apart from the first album, two music videos for singles titled “Right in front of me” and “Love sensation” were released on YouTube and Facebook. Since then, Cormada has been working on their second studio album ‘Get in to breakout’, adding outstanding songs to it and trying their best to make it their best album yet. Set out to release in September this year, the album is bound to become an instant hit in the world of Rock, making a long-lasting impression on the hearts of metal fans all around the world.

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Cormada is a Hard Rock and Metal band, based in Sweden. The members of the band include Magnus Fallgren (lead vocalist and guitarist), Torbjorn Haag (lead guitarist), Ken Olsson (bassist), and Magnus Skoog (drummer). The band has released one album so far, with the second one releasing next month.

Their music is considered perfect for rock parties and rock lovers. They make brand new music while drawing their inspirations from seventies and eighties bands. Fans describe Cormada’s concerts as total energy injections.


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