Pushing the Boundaries of Pop Music With Fresh Beats – Aspiring Talent Jae $outh Unveils Striking Single

Pushing the Boundaries of Pop Music With Fresh Beats – Aspiring Talent Jae $outh Unveils Striking Single

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Infusing pop music with EDM-trap, Jae $outh is ensuring that people in the industry hear about him and his discography

Saint Petersburg, FL — Born in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, but raised in Tampa Bay, Florida, Justin “Jae $outh” Adkins likes to be known by his professional name – Jae $outh. He is a 43 year old creative artist who has been often described as ‘out of the mold of Kanye West himself’. His latest single is titled ‘Purple Money Weed’ (the chopped not slopped remix), and it was released to the masses on Friday, March 4th, 2022. After an alleged count of sales and possession of controlled substances violated the terms of his probation, Justin Aamir Adkins served three years in the Florida Department of Corrections. It was there that he overcame the false accusation by being reacquainted with his first and true love – music. ‘Purple Money Weed’ was special because he wrote the song on the back of a county jail commissary receipt two years ago. At the time, the lyrics to the song came out like a freestyle rap, and before he knew it, he was writing the song down on the only piece of paper he had access to in order to preserve it. The song was like a welcomed epiphany at that time, and he knew at that very moment that he had come up with something special.

What makes Jae and his discography unique is the fact that his musical efforts are primarily concerned with showcasing the essence of hip hop and pop music. It is as if “$outh!!” pays homage to pop music in every piece of music he creates, which ensures that his songs are always right up there with records from titans within the music industry.

Justin “Jae $outh!!” Adkins also plans to promote his new release by creating an exclusive and rare NFT collection which includes the original receipt whereon the song was written and titled ‘Lil Wayne’ after his favorite artist. For the release of the remix, DJ DAKster of the Chopstar DJs provided the classic “chopped, not slopped’ sound of Houston, Texas. The Chopstars has performed, “chopped and screwed remixes” of popular music including Drake’s 2011 Take Care album, as well as Little Dragon’s 2014 Nabuma Rubberband album. Since his release from prison in December 2021, Justin Aamir Adkins has been hard at work and he is extremely focused and motivated to create the future by sharing music that gets the planet up and moving again since the Global Pandemic had the whole world feeling locked down and out.




Justin Adkins is a 43 year old creative who has been described as an emerging artist bearing lots of similarities musically, to Kanye West.  Unfortunately, he had to serve three years in the Florida Department of Corrections on account of being charged with the alleged sales and possession of controlled substances, which violated the terms of his probation. In order to turn his life around and take charge, he made a complete 180 degree turn away from street life to telling his story as a singer/songwriter. It was through writing music that he discovered his true potential and as a result of being inspired by young artists like Lil Baby, Rod Wave, Kodak Black, and Kevin Gates, he has made exceptional music.


Jae $outh!!
Name: Jae $outh!!
Email: [email protected]


Facebook: https://facebook.com/jaysouthofficial
Instagram: https://instagram.com/jaysouthofficial
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCTxWWU_WheH0YX0fgPxdDzQ/
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/4IzimLTKD920p7vB0tyCug?si=ohBLo-nwTiiXUuLUOVhXVw&utm_source=copy-link


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