Quarandreaming – Leading The Way Out Of The Pandemic

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Music is secondary to the movement; Vamargi Lanino business partnership and new music release

Atlanta, Georgia  – April 25th, 2021 – Artist Legrand, one of a kind, is ready to make waves in the music industry with his unique approach. It’s not just the artist’s music – it is also about the philosophy behind it. A staunch environmentalist, and socially conscious personality, Legrand wants his music career to reflect his underlying values and philosophy. Fighting against racism and a believer in financial literacy, the artist combines social activism with music for a renewed experience for his audiences. With his music, Legrand wants to lead the way out of the Covid-19 pandemic. Additionally, Legrand’s company CTFR Consulting LLC is in the works of a collaboration with the clothing designer behind the Vamargi Lanino clothing line; Anthony “Joe” Miller.

The artist’s latest track, “Quarandreaming,” has an interesting story to back it up. What began as an idea to record a music video in Costa Rica during a vacation has turned into a well-produced and complimentary piece of visual art to the artist’s music. Shot in Guanacaste, this piece of art was a collaboration between Legrand and his fellow Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity brother, and music producer, L.J Finney of Propaganda Productions. Vocal assistance features the female singer Tatiana Muse, who has also collaborated with Legrand in the past. When the first half of the song was composed, it received an overwhelming response, encouraging the artist to take the song to completion at a big studio in Atlanta.

Inspiration for the second half of the song came when Legrand visited Puerto Rico to promote his music. Completion of the music video was no easy task for the artist. It seemed as if none of the videographers could share his vision and work with the footage the artist had captured specifically for this purpose. Eventually, Legrand created a blueprint of the concept for his video, which an independent videographer/editor named Jaylen Lebron collaborated with him to complete

Quarandreaming aka Isla Fiesta music video is intended to allow the audience to hear the artist’s music and judge it for themselves. However, audiences are likely to appreciate Legrand’s work – the video has already received over 109k views and is expected to become more popular.

In line with his social activism, artist Legrand is conscious about only promoting his music in destinations that show strong support for the environment and climate crisis. Followers can sign up on his site to join a challenge to decide between Costa Rica and Puerto Rico as the site for his debut performance of the song; Quarandreaming.

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Legrand believes that music is only secondary to the movement. Aiming to spread awareness on prevalent issues in society, Legrand isn’t afraid of using his platform for these ends. The artist is quite in awe of Costa Rica and its ecotourism efforts and wishes to retire there eventually.




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Main Website: http://www.legrandescape.com/
YouTube: https://youtu.be/nFJZtgdYyPw

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