Rachel Lee Ann


Rachel Lee Ann


A creative, soothing and great lyrical song by a multi-talented singer/songwriter with a beautiful voice, Rachel Lee Ann`s latest single `Jesus I adore you` is an ideal song worth quality listening time. The song oozes a splendid spiritual feeling and desire as well as an opportunity to connect with our creator with a lovely lyrical tune. For Rachel, she grew up listening, inspired and influenced by great Christian musicians such as Michael W. Smith, Amy Grant and Sandi Patty. In her recent shift to her true love that is Christian music, Rachel Lee Ann joins other followers and shares her faith and God`s love with her great musical talent.

Rachel Lee Ann’s recent shift from country music after several years was unexpected but her undeterred love to spread God`s message through her talent was unstoppable. She joined other talented musicians in the Christian music genre in the summer of 2014 and bid farewell to her country music band Road 88. Her love to inspire the hearts of other true God followers creates an inner desire to bond spiritually and relate to the Lords` teachings and expectations.

`Jesus I Adore You` is a single lyrical melody that inspires the hearts of many Christians and ignites a spiritual enthusiasm to listen more and praise the Lord. The song attracts maximum attention and leaves God`s followers humming to the melody and finding truth as well as deeper fulfillment in one`s heart. `Jesus I Adore You` truly inspires people to seek a deeper and meaningful relationship with the Lord whether the audiences are staunch Christians or straying fellows.

Rachel Lee Ann has a loving and very supportive husband, Scott Prentice who joins her in the race to spread the Lord`s message in the most engaging and appreciative way that is the touchy music. Scott is a talented guitar player who joins Rachel in the song to bring out a great lyrical tune. Brian Steckler is the producer of this beautiful song and has enjoyed working with several great Christian artists. The song is mixed with other musical instruments such as saxophone and piano that significantly enhances the melody sweetness and enthusiasm to listen to the song.

Rachel`s voice is lovely and when she starts the song with `I open my life to you Lord I want to be pure` one could immediately sink in with that powerful touchy relationship building line with the Lord. `Jesus, you`re breath to my soul .` The song continues to convey the message that conclusively expresses the deep love for the Lord Jesus Christ. The song penetrates deep into your heart and wishes to establish the pure love for a lasting relation with the Lord. The tune encourages the followers and non-followers to entrust the Lord for guidance and strong relationship with the Almighty Lord.

`Jesus I Adore You` is truly a magnificent piece and Rachel Lee Ann deserves a standing ovation for bringing out such an engaging and heartfelt melody. Her newfound relationship with God, love and spiritual guidance and the desire to share and spread the Lords love and message with her musical talent is quite brilliant and admirable.

Review by Bryant Rutledge