Rachel London – “Runnin'”


Rachel London – “Runnin'”

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It’s always exciting, in any genre, to hear performers exerting any effort to expand the form’s possibilities. Some people want their music to make money from distraction and entertainment – thoughts about the longevity of their music never enter the picture. Others, however, have wider ambitions. Perhaps they aren’t looking to re-invent the wheel, but they are capable and driven enough to grab tired conventions by the throat and shake something new out of them. There is a rarer breed. Some performers are able to strike a delicate balance between their desire to profit from distraction and entertainment and a growing need to make some sort of lasting statement that reflects their innermost selves. Rachel London is such a performer. Her latest single from Sony Music, “Runnin'”, is a powerful and memorable work.

Her clear, emotional voice comes charging out of the gate immediately and the light use of double tracking on her vocals accentuates her soulful tone. If she were a studio creation, and there isn’t any indication that she is, the production has rightly placed her voice in the center of the mix and its power conveys itself more than adequately. The press materials coming with the track brag on Mike Gonsolin production style as “dark, heavy dance”. Perhaps this is a reflection of how you experience the song rather than a genuine reflection of his style, but the music has appealing rawness.

Popular dance music isn’t meant to be intimate these days but, in the case of “Runnin'”, it’s clear that London is sharing something of her life with the audience. This desire to reach a little deeper, perhaps, than before into her target audience seems genuine and she’s creatively up to the challenge. London is heard, her voice remaining strong and evocative throughout and will rouse anyone with a pulse.

Stephen Bailey